Google Analytics has evolved from neonatal to very matured stage by launching ‘Universal Analytics’. The journey from Web Analytics 1.0 to Web Analytics 2.0 has brought a sea change in Google Analytics Tool implementation and configuration. A web analyst and digital marketer, being a business catalyst should be aware of industry best practices. I have made an attempt to consolidate and present relevant best practice in Google Analytics Best Practices Series -1. Thank you so much for visiting , read on and let me know your opinion.


Google Analytics is built on Java script, the client side high level scripting language . It is an open source scripting language developed by Netscape. Javascript code can be viewed by any one by viewing at source code of the web page. Hence, your Google Analytics Code or asynchronous Java script code can be easily viewed along with your Google Analytics Property ID i.e. UA code.

‘Hijackers can copy your UA code, place in their website to skew and mess up your Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics Property ID

Following are the few ways you can absolutely secure your Google Analytics Property ID.

1. Google Analytics Filter Implementation.

Implementing following ‘Include Visit / Traffic to Host’ will ensure that traffic to will only be included in google analytics reports.

Include Visit / Traffic to Host Name Filter

Include Visit / Traffic to Host Name Filter


2. Migrate to Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager allows you to implement and customize all your Google Analytics code in your Google Tag Manager account so that all your critical codes
are not disclosed to outside world.

Google Analytics implementation and customization is totally off from the website. Thanks to Google Tag Manager, now you can implement and customize all
your digital marketing codes like

1. Adwords Conversion Tracking code

2. Adwords Remarkting

3. DoubleClick Floodlight Counter

4. DoubleClick Floodlight Sales

4. Google Analytics

5. Adwords Remarketing Tag

6. AdRoll Smart Pixcel

7. Display Ad Tracking

8. Custom HTML Tag

9. Custom Image Tag

Many more other tags.

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