Adobe Marketing Cloud Site catalyst has following types of Reports :
Site catalyst has 4 report types. They are:

1.Ranked Report

Ranked report with tables reports ranked items using numbers and percentages in metrics. For example: pages report below ranks the pages on the website based on traffic, on other hand shows up metrics like page views, revenue and unique visitors numbers and percentages. You can add up to 10 metrics to your ranked reports.

Along with Ranked Report a horizontal bar chart( default graph type) is shown. The graph displays each metrics in different colors. By default, chart displays 5 metrics, but as per site catalyst documentation, you can show up to 30 metrics.

2. Trended Report

The trended report is nothing but pivot table, which gives a granular analysis into each and every dimension subjected to analysis. The trended report also helps you to analyze how conversions and events trend over a selected time granularity i.e. Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year. In case you need to analyze at hour level, you need to reduce the period of analysis to 14 days, because ‘Hour’ granularity can be selected for a maximum of 14 days.

3. Totals Report

It is type of report which summarizes top level metrics used by executive to quickly learn the business trend.

4. Flow Report

Flow report shows the most common paths users take through web site pages, site sections and servers.

Flow report can be classified into

a. Next Flow Reports

Next Flow can be further divided into Next Page Flow, Next Section Flow and Next Server Flow.

b. Previous Flow reports.

On other hand Previous Flow report shows where visitors were before visiting a specified page.

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