Google Adwords Quality Score Metrics to Measure Ad copy,Keyword relevancy and Landing page experience

Quality Score is google’s estimation of how relevant ads, keywords, landing page experience.

If Google Adwords system awards you with high quality score, you have well done your job by compiling relevant ad copy, researched relevant keywords and designed a good landing page. On other hand, if you score a low quality score you have written a poor ad copy, conducted a scrappy research of keywords and landing page is just a dump yard.  So Google is your Master, he knows how to reward you for good ads or punish you for irrelevant ads.

Google calculates quality score, whenever your ad is eligible to be auctioned on search network or display network.

Ad positions are based on Ad Rank, where as Adrank is calculated based on Quality Score and Bid.

Ad Rank  = Quality Score X Bid , google claims that now a days they consider type of target also to calculate Ad Rank.

The Quality Score calculation varies according search and display network  as shown in below : 

Quality Score differes between search and display network

Quality Score calculated differently for Search and Display Network


Google also considers following factors to calculate quality score.

  1. Keywords Click Through Rate
  2. Display URL Click Through Rate
  3. Adwords account History
  4. Quality of Landing page
  5. Keyword relevancy
  6. Ad relevancy
  7. Keyword relevancy to search conducted every time
  8. How successful your ads in targeted geographical areas
  9. Ad performance on other site for display ads
  10. Target devices

 Ok, ok, let us agree with all of the above, because google should have implemented them in ‘Adwords algorithm’ and abstraction of ad word features implementation is available in Google Adwords Documentation. But why the algorithm is so complex and why google holds the cards so close to the chest ( off course it is trade secrets & tricks).  A PPC Strategist has a lot of ingredients to consider before he cooks in his adwords account. So if conversions are your the best dish, quality score is the best taste. Conversion metrics is for your boss, quality score metrics is for YOU. Achieving Quality Score is your pain, conversion is your boss’s gain.

A general rule of thumb : keywords with CTR of 1% or higher and a quality score of 5 and above indicates that keywords in adgroup are relevant and performing well. Otherwise you messed with your cooking.

Well so far what you read is well known to you too. So what is bothering me is:

1. Where does history exist for a fresh Adwords account?

Adwords wants a good account history to assign quality score for keywords. So, time is the only answer to reap the best benefit out of Adwords.

2. How can we get a good CTR for a new account?

Not possible at all. CTR is ongoing metric, your ad words account starts accumulating CTR from the day you start running your campaign.

Click Through Rate is another mystery metrics we trust in our day to day reports. If Google calculates ‘Quality Score’ from ‘Click Through Rate’ then how can we consider Quality Score as a reliable metrics for optimizing our Adwords campaigns.

In below diagram we can see keywords with CTR more than 1%, have quality score of  4. it is against general rule of thumb

Quaity Score and CTR

Ad words assigns low quality score to keywords with high CTR

In below diagram we can see  keywords with CTR 0%, have quality score of  7, it is against general rule of thumb

Quality Score

Ad words assigns high quality score for keywords with no CTR

3. Google assigns Quality Score immediately you add keywords in adgroup. Adwords calculates quality score by establishing relevancy among adgroup keywords, ad copy and landing pages, but without CTR. It is so strange that few AdWords account I have created for testing purpose have no Landing Page existing. But still I have quality score showing as high as 7. So, quality score formula applies to any junk?

4. What if you are very sure that ads are compelling and  keywords are well researched and they do well some time later. On other you have used a strict and stringent keyword match types say Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match and Exact Match. Hence, my clicks, impressions are very less ( but relevant ) and my CTR remains very less.

So, what you do?

Adwords wants you to drive as much traffic as possible. So how do you drive massive traffic? You need to keep limit less budget and  use keywords with ‘Broad Match keyword match type’ the biggest money sucker ( Let me call it as Leech) and you get fired from your job!

5. Why does google assign different Quality Score for different type  of devices?

Google again wants more CTR ,traffic   from type of device you target. But who cares about just traffic, we care about relevant traffic.

6. What is significance  of  Display URL Click Through Rate ?

Display URLs are used to display the name of the web page, where visitor will be sent after he clicks the ad. Even Display URLs are not hypertext elements, they just appear as part of an Ad in green color. Well let us not deny the relevancy of Display URL, which contributes in convincing the visitor to click on the ad.

Then Adwords considers overall CTR of an ad copy and CTR for display URL with in it. When Display URL is an integral part of Adcopy, how does google differentiates CTR between entire Ad and Display URL which is just a part of the Ad.

Do not you think quality score a metrics surrounded by  mysteries ? where google shifts all your success and failure to quality score. If your adwords do not go well with you, Quality score, the mystery metrics is haunting you.

if quality score is so mysterious, then how to succeed in achieving this metrics? because Google ad words uses ‘Quality Score’ as fundamental metrics to measure quality of ad copy, keyword relevancy and landing page experience.

I bring you the strategies and work around in my forthcoming posts to resolve this mystery and succeed in your ad words campaigns.

Mean while any thoughts………go ahead and share your comments.

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