Celebrity Marketing Image and Damage side of Advertising

Celebrities have always been an attraction by and large to the society more so to the Indian masses who virtually are mesmerized by “stardom”. They are idolized. Now coming to marketing done by a celebrity,.. it is easily accepted . When you see a celebrity on a hoarding it automatically draws your attention. One would look at the celebrity first, get interested , then look at the product he or she is advertising.

Celebrities leave a lasting impression in our minds …I still remember the boost ad “Boost is the secret of my energy”with Kapil Dev or the “crowning Glory”ad featuring THE GORGEOUS Dimple Kapadia or the Sizzling Aishwarya Rai and cute Aamir Khan in the “lehar pepsi” ad.The luminaries lend a certain credibility to the products..in spite of knowing that the celebrities are paid, still the gullible public like to think that unless the product is not good their loved stars would not advertise for them…..in other words trust.HA!!!!NOW WE COME TO THE FLIP SIDE OF THE COIN …the not so rosy picture of the story

The shocking truth about “Star Prices”……Brands who would like a celebrity to endorse their product or become their brand ambassador get them after paying an arm and a leg for them.We hear of absurd amounts like 6 crores,8 crores ,30 crores the list goes on.It is highway robbery .Now what is debatable…. is it worth the pretty penny that is being shelled out???

Let us find out roughly how much is the “pretty penny” which I mentioned earlier about .lets imagine the amount of a whopping 30 crores bagged by Aamir Khan for snapdeal or inconceivable Akshay Kumar at 18 crores ,Dhoni at 12 crores and the list just keeps going on …and chicken feed is given to new kids on the block like Alia Bhat,Shradha Kapoor,sania mirza ,sania nehwal who are paid only a paltry sum of just 70 to 75 lakhs .It is said that nike spends close to 1 billion dollars annually. Its true, celebrities can bring huge revenues for their products…yet they have numerous pit falls that should be carefully analyzed before signing them in.

What happens when the bubble bursts and their favorite stars fall from stardom. Mistakes happen celebrities are embroiled in scandals and controversies they can affect the brands they endorse. can companies manage the tattered image .At the height of his advertising career Tiger Woods the “infamous” golfer’s tarnished image of his infidelity with multiple women became headlines …many companies dropped him like a hot potato and pulled back their endorsements to avoid negative perception.

Sometimes the celebrity may overshadow the product …as in one may remember the star but not the product. we all know Amitabh Bachan has endorsed many products but do we remember the product or the celebrity.
Chocolates the soul food for both adults and children ran into trouble with the favourite Cadbury India being found infested with worms…sales dipped ,reputation was at stake that is when the most loved icon Amitabh Bachan was roped in by Cadbury who convinced public by changing their packaging and the same was conveyed by THE BIG “B”. There was a perfect equation between Amitabh and Cadbury where a parallel could be drawn between their love ,trust and timelessness with people across the country. Now back on tracks there is no looking back for Cadbury.

After having seen the various facets of celebrity marketing lets address the big question of “Are celebrities required at such premium price or are the products strong enough to support themselves .There is always a strong school of thought who feel that rather than spending astronomical amount of money and time companies are far better served by investing this amount back into their business or bringing down the cost of the products or gifting something in the same budget to the consumers.
And so the great debate goes on whether celebrity marketing is a big gamble the same as walking in a minefield or best