Almost a year passed since Google Ad words campaigns have been upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns. Indeed, Enhanced Campaigns are inevitable for successful Real Time Marketing campaigns for any product or service intended to be marketed online or / and  Offline.


  • How successful are we in implementing Enhanced Campaigns to achieve  ad campaign goals?
  • What strategies are in place to tap the mobile traffic by implementing Enhanced Campaigns?
  • How have we been enhancing our customer search experience through Enhanced Campaigns?

Multi – Device World and Enhanced Campaigns

Customer journey from Research to acquiring Product and Services span across different devices. Devices also vary according to place and context customers are searching in internet. A typical user may use Laptop and desktop during the office hours to search,whereas the same user may use Smart Phone, Tablet or Mobile outside the office.

Customer Journey across Multi Devices.

Customer Journey Across Multi Devices and Constant Touch with your Brand

The search patterns and search contexts differ across devices. Majority of Smart phone searchers require instant and real time solutions for their real time problems. The problem could be search for a required  product , service or solution.  Off course, time and place are the two fundamental factors which contribute to the Utility of product , services or solutions what so ever you may offer to customer. Fundamentally, what is the use of Online Marketing, if you do not present your product and services to customer when they want it?

So, how do you present your product or service to the customer when she or he really need it?

Ad words Enhanced Campaigns offer you host of real time marketing solutions like call extensions, location extensions and multi device ad display capabilities to your PPC campaigns.

1. Location extensions display the address of store to the visitor who is on go and looking for your product to purchase at the time and place.

2. Call extension associate mobile number along with your text add to facilitate the user to call and enquire.

Down load to check out an interesting and eye opener case study from Google: How an American Apparel increased mobile conversions 100% after up grading to enhanced campaigns.

Yeah! Do you know what is the mammoth growth of using smart phones from previous word cup 2010 to 2014. Download this research paper to know why we need to be serious about building Mobile Marketing Infrastructure i.e. Responsive website, Mobile Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing Measurement Framework and why should we run Enhanced Campaigns, for mobile devices and smart phones.

Enhanced Campaigns: The definition.

The ad words Campaigns which is  scale able across multi-devices, reachable to right audiences, at right time and place. All campaigns you build through ad words SaaS interface today is by default enhanced campaigns. It means campaigns are eligible to target audiences across any device they constantly be in touch.

So, what have you been benefited by Enhanced Campaigns?

1. Enhanced Campaign brings you the ease of managing complex targeting, polymorphic ads suitable to appear across multi devices i.e. desktops, tablets, smart phones and WAP enabled phones.

2. Customer context and target device oriented ad serving with right ad creative, appropriate ad extension i.e. site links, call or app extensions based on context in which customer carried on his search.

3. New conversions like digital down loads, call conversions and ability to track conversion across devices.

Generally, all type of ads (i.e. text, banner and video ads)  in Enhanced Campaigns are eligible to appear on all devices without any extra configurations and settings in ad words interface.  A single campaign can include different ads to be shown to customers, based on the type of the device they are using or at what time they are searching for your product and services.

Ad Extensions and Enhanced Campaigns

Ad extensions are extra pieces of business information showed along with your search or display ads. There are 9 ad extensions are available at present with in ad words interface, to name them

1.         App Extension ( Globally available for Mobile / Tablet only)

2         Call Extension ( Globally available)

3         Consumer Ratings Annotations ( Available in US, UK, Canada only)

4         Location Extensions

5         Previous Visit Annotations

6         Review Extensions

7         Seller Ratings Annotations

8         Site link extension

9         Social Annotation

Among 9 ad extensions, App Extension, Call Extension and site link extension are up graded ad extensions, on which you can have more control with respect to :

1. Up graded extensions can be created either at Campaign level or ad group level.

2. Up graded extensions can be scheduled with start and end date for appearing with ads.

3. You can set mobile preferred site or call extensions. So that, the users search experience can be enhanced with    relevant information like business phone and  address can be made available to the user at required time and     place.

4. Unlike legacy extensions ( i.e. other than up graded extensions)  you can edit these up graded extensions without    resetting past performance statistics. Where as legacy ad extensions performance statistics resets on editing them.

5. Performance metrics like clicks and impressions data for each up graded extension is available.



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