Google Ad Words replaced sidebar ads with product listing ads

I happened to notice Google Ad Words replaced Sidebar Ads with Product Listing Ads. Now you can see just 4 ads on top and 3 to 4 ads below the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

This is how I got an SERP for “T Shirt Printing in Bangalore” keyword.

Notice just 4 ads on the top

Adwords 4 Ads at Top

3 Ads on downside of Search Engine Result Page

Adwords Bottom Ads

What about side bar ads?

Side bar ads have been replaced by Product Listing Ads.

Side Bar Ads Replace with Product Listing Ads

Why the change ?
1.Google might have noticed that, people are not reaching out textual or search ads appearing on side bar. Consequently, side bar ads are poor candidates for contributing good CTR, hence resulting in poor conversion rate.
2.Google wants us to associate tiny images along with textual or search ads, like we do in Face book ads. It is possible through Product Listing Ads.
3. Google is convincing us to make use of Product Listing ad technology for enhancing, user search experience. I like this campaign type because, it is my chance to bring down my virtual store on to Search Engine Result Pages with appealing product images.
What google says ?
There is no official confirmation from Google about this new format of Adwords ad display. But there is buzz around the internet . Check out SEMPOST latest article for further reading.

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