Google has recently announced release of ‘Google Analytics Diagnostic’ tool beta version. The tool is as a trusted Google Analytics assistant, who works for you 24/7 to monitor and report account performance critical  issues related to your Google Analytics Account to Improve Data Quality.

Google’s quest for making Google Analytics a feature rich web analytics tool is never ending. Indeed, web analytics tools are required to be feature rich to achieve a reliable data quality  to formulate and implement a robust Digital Marketing Measurement Framework. Like Adwords,Google Analytics did not have any such tool to alert the user about configuration and account performance errors.

Account Performance and critical issues:

1.Specific pages missing GATC tags
2.Improper tagging
3.Improper filter implementation.
4.Improper Event Tracking Code implementation
5.Faulty E Commerce tracking code implementation
6.Reasons for discrepancies between clicks and visits
7.Goal conversion irregularities
8.In accurate data for high cardinality dimensions due to Google Analytics system limits
9.Sampling issues
10.Any other warning related to your account performance.

To get access to try ‘Google Analytics Diagnostic tool’ you need to sign up the below form by visiting the following link

Google Analytics Diagnostic Tool

Online Form for Google Analytics Diagnostic Tool Beta Signup

At present Google can’t guarantee the availability of this tool to all sign ups.if your lucky Google may white list your request to use ‘Google Analytics Diagnostic tool’ ,  otherwise you need to wait till the tool will be released for public beta.

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