Google  Universal Analytics moved from public beta to prime time in April,  2014 . Now onwards all websites or any other digital devices would be using Universal Analytics as operating standard for data processing by default. The existing properties using classic analytics  either they have to upgrade to Universal Analytics  or Google will automatically upgrade them to universal analytics through Auto Transfer.

At present Google Universal Analytics moved from 3rd Phase i.e Universal Analytics public beta and has to sail through last and final phase i.e. Universal Analytics as  operating standard for Google Analytics.

Universal Analytics in 3rd phase has come out with 3 more interesting features like :

1.User ID association with anonymous user to better understand customers full journey across multiple devices.

2. Time zone specific speedy and fresh data processing capabilities.

3. Proxy data transfer from internal servers to Google Analytics Application Server.

Google Analytics has to go a long way to go for head on competition with enterprise level web analytics tool like Site Catalyst. But it is progressing towards capturing the lucrative enterprise level web analytics spectrum.

Universal Analytics is one such move towards initiating head on competition with Site catalyst. At present Google stands at par with Adobe Site Catalyst with various features like Custom Dimension and Metrics, Cross device user journey analysis, quick data processing capabilities and User ID association for deeper insights into customer journey.

Addition of Proxy data transfer from internal servers to Google Analytics Server is another such move towards making Google Analytics an Enterprise level web Analytics tool.

Google Analytics Diagnostic Tool is another feature recently rolled out in beta version. It is your trusted assistant working around 24/7 to monitor your Google Analytics account, to inform you about nitty–gritty account performance issues like tag malfunctions , improper filter implementations and goal conversion irregularities etc.,

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