Bounce Rate being one among few site health indicator metrics, it is always challenging to control and correct bounce rate either in case of e-commerce or an information blog.

Before listing down 5 point strategy, down load case study on Bounce Rate Metrics from resource center.

It is simple and straight forward I just followed 5 point strategy to control and correct bounce rate in my blog. They are as follows:


1. Choose Your Digital Marketing Channels Judiciously

All marketing channels are not suitable to your business model, product and Services. Choosing a right set of channels is wise step towards reducing bounce rate. Because, irrelevant channels bring bouncing visitors to your website.

2. Know Your Audience Persona

‘Persona of your prospect’ figures out who is your audience who fetch you the economical value and benefit out of your goods and services. Next set of audiences could be researchers who may visit your website to learn and take way some goodies. In fact they are patrons, who may be your brand loyal and spread awareness about your business.

3. Research.. Research..Research

Your front line digital marketing channels SEO, SEM, Social Media, Referral and affiliate programs fetch you major chuck of visitors. But how strong your keyword research? How robust your referral and affiliate programs?

 Have you addressed Who, Why, When, What and How questions during your Branded, Non Branded and Negative keyword research phase, affiliate and referral marketing strategy.

4. Think Why Should Visitor Move to Next Page

May be the right and honest answer to this question would solve 95% of your Bounce Rate correction. Every move in the website should be mutually beneficial to you and your visitor.

5. Pass variable to Java Script method in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a technical solution to tackle a single 1X1 pixel image transmission by implementing google analytics event method as shown below :

ga(send, event, event_category, event_action, event_label, event_value, non_interactive)

The last parameter non_interactive should be set to the boolean value ‘TRUE’.

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