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Google Analytics Best Practices

Python Basic Programming E-Book is collection of python basic topics. I made an attempt to put together all baisc concepts, with executable python scripts.   Learning a language is continuous process, like a natural language, computer programming languages to need a systematic approach to get some foothold, python is not an exception to it. Download to kick-start your programming journey into the world of Python.

Google Analytics Best Practices

Google Analytics Best Practices – Series – 1 is a comprehensive E-book guides you to implement all best practices to make your Web Analytics to give true Business Insights. Download your E-Book to gather your business data.

Bounce Rate - How to Control and Correct Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate Metrics a site level and page level metrics, reveals a lot of insights about your website and website pages. How to control and Correct Bounce Rate ? I have listed down 5 point strategy to correct and control Bounce Rate. Download your E Book, to understand this Web Analytics Metrics.